Documentation Centres Meet(DCM) is a network of  various NGO documentation centers in India who meets to share, discuss and learn from each others work.


DCM Date Organisation/Place
  July 1984

Consultation of Doc. Centres,Delhi Forum and BUILD , Delhi

DCM I December 1986 CED Mumbai
DCM II 26-28, Sept 1987 Goa
DCM III Sept. 1988 Asha Kendra, Puntamba, Maharashtra
DCM IV 13-20,Sept, 1989 Mahabalipuram, Madras
DCM V Sept. 1990 Bhubaneswar
DCM VI Feb , 1992 Timbaktu collective,Chennakothappalli, Anantpur(Dist)
DCM VII 11-14 July 1994 Bangalore(at ISI)
DCM VIII 20-30 March, 1996 Bangalore(at ISI)
DCM IX 9-10 Sept 1999 Bangalore(at ISI)
DCM X 10-14 Dec. 2004 Bangalore(at Vistar Complex)
DCM XI 15-17 March, 2010 Mumbai(at Khargar)