Secularism and Secular Action

 Secularism and Secular Action
By Shweta Damle,Price Rs.,90/- in (India) US$10 outside India. Paperback. Print 2008.

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The constant attack on the secular fabric of the Indian society in the last two decades has been raising a fundamental issue about the concept of secularism - its alien-ness to India.

This little booklet is a modest attempt to trace the concept of secularism, and to touch upon related debates surrounding the issue. It also tries to look at the element of the rationality of the concept as being a tool for organizing society in times of crisis; especially, in the case of India, it focuses on the freedom movement and the rise of the concept of secularism.
It finally looks at the various attempts made by civil society organizations and institutions to restore the secular fabric of our society.

Shweta Damle is a Mumbai based activist.

 Table of Contents:

1. National Movement and The Conept of Secualrism

2. Rise of Communal Forces

3. Secualrism as Defined in the West

4. Commentaries on Secualrism and Communalism

5. Secular Action

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